N0n-Food Vendor Application

(This application is also for all non-profit and corporate sponsors)


Please read over the Terms & Conditions and Rules & Regulations before submitting your registration.

Please submit photos of your display/setup and products you want to sell by e-mailing them to info@sprucepinebbq.org. Please label the photos with your vendor name. If you are providing activities or games for children, either exclusively or in addition to selling items, please provide a written statement explaining what will be offered by e-mail to info@sprucepinebbq.org. Please do not wait until the last minute to apply. Vendor selection is now underway. All fees will be refunded if your application is rejected.

All vendor spaces are 12’ X 12’. All products and supplies must stay within the space(s) you have purchased. Be sure to provide a contact number for the application process and a number to reach you during the festival.


Online registration and fee payments via Square Payments. Just fill in the form and follow the instructions!

Terms & Conditions

The Spruce Pine BBQ & Bluegrass Festival reserves the right to reject any application. No refunds of fees will be made once you have received notice of acceptance. Any photographs or videos taken of your vendor team on‐site become the property of the Spruce Pine BBQ & Bluegrass Festival and/or its affiliates and may be used for promotional purposes. Vendors agree to indemnify and hold harmless Spruce Pine BBQ & Bluegrass Festival, Rotary Club of Spruce Pine, and affiliated companies and their respective shareholders, officers, directors, employees, members, sponsors, representatives, agents, volunteers, successors, agents and assigns from any and all claims made against same; including without limitation, all costs, liabilities, judgments, expenses, damages or reasonable attorney’s fees, arising out of or in connection with: (1) any structure erected by Vendor; (2) any apparatus, equipment or personal property used by Vendor; (3) any act or omission to act of Vendor, its agents, invitees, participants, representatives, employees, servants and assigns; and (4) any claims made on account of or resulting from vendor’s participating in the festival to include but not limited to any and all injuries suffered by vendor, vendor’s team, or vendor’s guests (including death) to the person or property of another excepting only claims based upon Spruce Pine BBQ & Bluegrass Festival’s sole negligent or intentional acts.

  • Any vendor not abiding by the festival rules may be asked to leave and will forfeit their vendor fees.
  • Vendors will show only items listed on the approved application. Vendors may be asked to remove other items from their display or asked to leave if they choose not to comply.
  • All vendor sites must be set up and vehicles removed from the venue by 3:30pm on Friday and should not be closed for business any earlier than 6:30pm on Saturday.
  • Vendors are responsible for keeping their area and crew clean, orderly, and in compliance with the regulations herein.
  • Vendor tents/canopies must be weighted at all four corners with a minimum 30# weight or staked.
  • Vendor areas must be free of trash and NO live animals are allowed and will be removed if brought to the event.
  • Vendors must submit a Certification of Liability Insurance with this application.
  • By signing on the last page, you agree that you have read and understand the application process and agree to abide by all the festival rules and requirements, that the descriptions of your products and pictures are an accurate representation of your product, and that if accepted you agree to operate your booth the entire duration of the festival.
Vendor Rules & Regulations
General Information

The Spruce Pine BBQ & Bluegrass Festival is coordinated and sponsored by the Rotary Club of Spruce Pine to raise funds for local charitable projects and non‐profits. We are located in downtown Spruce Pine, North Carolina in October. Food of all kinds, live musical entertainment, and quality arts and crafts displays have attracted more than 6,000 in previous years.

Vendor Spaces

Each space is 12 ft. wide x 12 ft. deep. The markings/flags represent the corners of your space. It is important that these boundaries be strictly observed when placing your tent or display to respect your neighbors’ rental spaces and to ensure emergency and garbage collection vehicles can pass through.


Rules and Regulations
  1. Any vendor not abiding by the Spruce Pine BBQ & Bluegrass Festival Rules and Regulations may be asked to leave the festival and will forfeit his or her booth space.
  2. Festival hours are 10:00am to 9:00pm on Saturday.
  3. By submitting this electronic form, you have made a commitment to the Festival that you agree to abide by the rules and regulations on the application and in this document.
  4. No refunds will be given for any reason after final acceptance.
  5. Vendor’s staff may announce the availability of the goods to be vended only while they are within the confines of the vendor’s location.
  6. Non‐food vendors/non‐profits may not sell food or drinks for consumption at the festival. If you wish to sell food or drinks, you must register as a Food Vendor. Craft vendors may sell sealed containers of jams, jellies, pickles, etc.
  7. Reasonable security will be provided, but neither the Rotary Club of Spruce Pine, or the Town of Spruce Pine, nor their representatives, will be responsible or liable for loss, damage, or injury.
  8. All exhibitors must provide their own tents, shelving, tables and chairs. All displays and supplies must stay within the 12’ x12’ booth space ‐ no exceptions. Sidewalks or other designated walkways must be kept clear. No boxes, storage containers, or displays are allowed behind, beside, or in front of your booth at any time. Strict adherence to these rules will be enforced. If you cannot stay within a 12’ X 12’ space, please ask for additional paid space with this application.
  9. All vendors must staff their own booths. Festival personnel cannot staff booths for restroom and/or food breaks.
  10. Vendor’s staff shall be clothed and groomed in a clean, neat fashion and shall conduct themselves in an orderly
  11. No loud music, noise, or sound amplification devices shall be used by the vendor or their staff at the festival location.
  12. Pets are not allowed anywhere in the festival venue at any time.
  13. It is the festival committee’s right to deny any participant, even if they have participated in prior years.
  14. All vendors are responsible for the collection and reporting of North Carolina Sales Tax on sales.
  15. There will be a $35.00 Returned Check Fee. No postdated checks will be accepted.



Please complete the following form to register and pay for your booth at the Spruce Pine BBQ Festival.

By completing and submitting this application form, you agree that you have read and agree to abide by all the Rules and Regulations  for the Spruce Pine BBQ & Bluegrass Festival.


Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.


Ir you need electricity at your booth, please email infosprucepinebbq.org with your requirements before you sumbit this application.

Please provide a list of items/services you will offer at your booth along with any associated prices, or indicate if they will be offered for free.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
Please upload images of your logo and photos of your booth or items you are featuring for use in our promotions, sponsor area, and website.
Festival Space(s) for Non-Food Vendors
Please enter the number of 12'x12' spaces for non-food vendors you would like to reserve. If you need more than 4 spaces, please email info@sprucepinebbq.org for assistance with your registration. Non-profits and Corporate spaces, please make your selections below.
Children’s Activities
There is a $30 fee for non-food vendors providing approved activities or games for children
Non-Profit Agency
There is a $30 fee for non-profit agencies for a booth at the Spruce Pine BBQ Festival.
Coroporate Promotional/Informational Spaces
The initial fee is $500 for two (2) spaces. (This includes sponsorship listing on the website and in promotional materials). Additional spaces are $350 each (select above). If you need more than 5 spaces, please email info@sprucepinebbq.org for assistance.
By checking this box, I certify that I contacted the Sprucr Pine Rotary Club at info@sprucepinebbq.org and cleared my needs for electricity at my booth.
The total above is the amount you owe in vendor fees. You will be taken to Square Payments after filling out your card information below and click “submit” where you will pay your fees and complete your registration.
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